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Conference Support Form

The HI will host conferences, workshops, and lectures based on ideas proposed by faculty.  From small and specialized group gatherings to large conference events, the HI can support scholarly events in any area of the humanities, broadly construed.  Ideas for events can come from any group of faculty, including small, focused, research workshops as well as larger conferences.

We have discontinued the practice of the IAH to contribute support funds to independently organized events, in which the Institute played little to no part. Instead, all events will be sponsored by the Humanities Institute or in a partnership with a single or small number of other units at the University and will be promoted as an HI program.  The Institute can provide funding and organizational support in planning the event as well as space at Ihlseng Cottage if appropriate.

For conferences in early planning stages, please contact John Christman () or Lauren Kooistra () to discuss whether a partnership with the HI is appropriate.


For more information on Humanities Institute Funding Opportunities, please contact us.

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