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HI Funding Opportunities

Faculty Scholars in Residence

The Faculty Scholars program is jointly sponsored by the Institute, the College of the Liberal Arts, and the commonwealth campuses. This program supports faculty research in the humanities leading toward major projects, such as a significant publication. Projects with an interdisciplinary focus are especially encouraged. The Faculty Scholars Program will provide up to eight faculty members with one semester release time from teaching, and a $1,000 mini-grant for research expenses and/or materials.

A Collaborative Model
While we invite individual faculty members to apply, we especially encourage groups of 2 to 3 faculty who plan to work on a single project area to apply together. This group may also invite a graduate student to apply as part of the Graduate Student Scholars program to work with them. Applications that conform to this collaborative model will be given special consideration in the selection of residents.

Application Deadline (2024-2025): October 23, 2023

For more information, please visit the Faculty Details and Application page.

Graduate Student Scholars in Residence

This program will provide up to nine students in the humanities with either one course release in the fall or spring semester (GSR program) or a $4,000 summer award (GSSR program). This program enables students to devote an entire semester or the summer to work on their dissertation project. Students are required to be in residence at University Park for the duration of the grant period.

Application Deadlines:

Graduate Student Summer Residents (Summer 2024): February 5, 2024

Graduate Student Residents (Fall 2024/Spring 2025): March 18, 2024

For more information, please visit the Grad Student Details and Application page.

Please noteGraduate students may only receive one semester of residency from the Humanities Institute in the course of their studies at Penn State. The Humanities Institute, however, also participates in the Center & Institute Fellows Program in conjunction with departments in the College of the Liberal Arts. This program grants graduate student awardees additional affiliation with the Humanities Institute during the student’s humanities dissertation release semester. Students may have a residency semester PLUS a Dissertation Semester Release through the Center and institute Fellows Program with the HI, though not in the same academic year. To apply for this award, please follow the guidelines found here (Graduate Students in the College of the Liberal Arts may only accept one internal fellowship award from the College or its affiliated Centers, institutes, or programs in any given academic year. Students receiving multiple award offers will be asked to select one. Students are eligible to reapply or be nominated for other fellowship opportunities in subsequent years.)

Collaborative Colloquia

The purpose of the colloquia is to bring together scholars from interdisciplinary fields around a theme, topic, or project. The Institute will function as an intellectual home for up to five groups each academic year, and will provide publicity for events and arrange rooms for meetings. 

Application Deadline (2024-2025): March 25, 2024
For more information, please visit the Colloquia Details and Application page.

Global Humanities Research Impact Grants

The Humanities Institute is happy to announce a new funding opportunity in partnership with The Center for Global Studies at Penn State. Global Humanities Research Impact Grants are now being offered to support Penn State scholars pursuing advanced global humanities research with a grant of up to $5,000 for international research travel.

Application deadline: September 9, 2023

See funding and application details here.


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