Faculty Invites

Faculty Invites Program

For application in Fall 2020, with events in 2021-2022 and beyond

The Humanities in the World initiative demonstrates Penn State’s commitment to the importance of humanities research and the dissemination of ideas regarding our collective understanding of urgent social issues. As such, each semester the Humanities Institute will host scholars and events around pressing themes, as determined by an Executive Committee. Events that resonate with that theme will be strongly considered.

While the theme for 2021-2022 has yet to be determined, we will consider events that extend The Who Counts theme of 2020-21.

Theme for 2020-21: The College of Liberal Arts is using its Moments of Change series to acknowledge the centenary of women’s suffrage being granted in the US (“A Century of Women’s Activism”). The HI will echo that focus in adopting the theme “Who Counts: Struggles for Social Recognition and Representation”. Events are already being planned that link to this theme based on past faculty suggestions. However, in keeping with our commitment to build on the energy of existing faculty activities, we invite further suggestions for lectures, workshops or other events related to this theme.

Specialized research topics with focused appeal are welcome but special consideration will be given to events with broader community appeal.

Please note: Faculty Invites is a funding program designed for University Park events and faculty members. Information on a parallel program for campus participation can be found

Deadline: Proposals should be emailed to humanities@psu.edu with subject line Faculty Invites, by 5:00 p.m., November 23, 2020.

Proposals may be for conferences, lectures, or workshops. Please see specific details below.