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Opportunities for Scholars

The Humanities Institute provides funding support for Penn State faculty and graduate residents, for Collaborative Colloquia working groups, and for faculty generated lectures, workshops and conferences (via the Faculty Invites program). We can also work with scholars to build bridges with external funding agencies.

The Ihlseng Salon Series

Want to host your own Reading Group? The Ihlseng Salon Series offers you the use of Ihlseng Cottage with coffee/tea service.

We invite small groups (up to 10-12 people) to use space in Ihlseng Cottage for scholarly discussion, reading groups, and informal meetings.  We have two conference rooms and, depending on availability, offices that can be used periodically for scholarly groups. 

Sign-ups for use of the Cottage will depend on availability.

To inquire into use of the Cottage, please follow the link below: