The Iberian Modernist Studies Forum

The Iberian Modernist Studies Forum

Nicolás Fernández-Medina and Krista Brune

Nicolás Fernández-Medina, Professor of Spanish and Philosophy

Krista Brune, Associate Professor of Portuguese and Spanish

This year’s collaborative colloquium “Transatlantic Cosmopolitanism and the Shaping of Iberian Modernisms” explores the aesthetic, social, and cultural connections that fundamentally linked the Iberian Peninsula and the Americas throughout the modernist period. While various studies have appeared in the last decade on the fruitful dialogues between Iberian modernists and their counterparts across the Atlantic, there is still much to be gleaned about the exchanges, creative responses, and broader conceptual and transnational dialogues that laid the groundwork for what we could call transatlantic cosmopolitanism. The discussion concerning how Iberian modernists benefited from their interactions with modernists/modernisms in the Americas is ongoing, particularly in terms of their understanding of cosmopolitan attitudes and a sense of world belonging.

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