Photo of Postdoctoral Scholar Rebekah McCallum.

Rebekah McCallum

Humanities in the World/Just Transformations Postdoctoral Scholar

Rebekah McCallum completed her doctoral studies at McGill University (Montreal) in History, while affiliated with McGill’s Indian Ocean World Centre. Her research examined the rise of contemporary bondage and labor networks in South Asia, through study of international (colonial and post-colonial) business policies and local legislation. Rebekah received her master’s degree from the University of Virginia in Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures and her undergraduate degree from Princeton University in Anthropology and South Asian Studies. She also holds a certificate in theology from Oxford.


Rebekah is interested in histories of cross-cultural conversations around labor and civil rights issues, and in expanding understandings of black internationalisms. She has recently developed a passion for digital storytelling using video, poetry, and music.