Hellenic Studies Group

Hellenic Studies Group

Christopher Moore and Mathias Hanses

Christopher Moore, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Classics

Mathias Hanses, Associate Professor of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, African Studies, and African American Studies

The Hellenic Studies Group brings together scholars across the College interested in Ancient Greek philosophy, language, rhetoric, history, literature, and reception. Each year we devote six meetings to a set of related fragmentary and interdisciplinary texts: 

  • 2016–17: Aristotle’s reconstructed Protrepticus;
  • 2017–18: Philodemus’ On Rhetoric, On Frank Speech, and On Anger;
  • 2018–19: the Hellenistic texts of the Neopythagorean women philosophers;
  • 2019–20: Gorgias of Leontini, the orator of the sophistic period;
  • 2021–22: Menander, the New Comedy playwright and student of the Lyceum;
  • 2022–23: Antiphon, the polymathic writer of the sophistic period.
  • 2023–24: The Hippocratic medical texts

We alternate between invited outside experts and our own membership to lead our meetings. The primary goals of HSG are to increase intellectual conversation across departments; to occasion mentorship and networking for graduate students; and to increase its members’ teaching and research capacities. Please get in touch with either of the group directors for information about meeting times or to join our mailing list.