Headshot of Karen Henrique

Karen Paiva Henrique

Spring 2024

Dr. Karen Paiva Henrique is an urban and feminist political ecologist and critical urban scholar with a multidisciplinary training in geography, planning, and design. She is broadly interested in the linkages between spatial and environmental planning, climate change adaptation, loss and damage, and multidimensional justice. Her research investigates how people make decisions to protect what they value in the places where they live, and how their converging priorities and disagreements can inform community deliberation and inclusive climate governance. Her work strives to give voice to historically marginalized groups and promote situated experiences and knowledges of climate change to reframe urban development paradigms and achieve climate justice.

Dr. Henrique is a tenured Assistant Professor in the Department of Human Geography, Planning and International Development at the University of Amsterdam. She has a bachelor’s degree in architecture and urbanism from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (2008), a postgraduate degree in urban studies from the Bauhaus Foundation (2009), a master’s in architecture from the Pennsylvania State University (2014), and a doctorate in geography from the University of Western Australia (2020).

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