Humanities in the World Postdoctoral Scholars

The Humanities in the World Postdoctoral Fellows program provides up to four scholars a two year residency at Penn State. Postdoctoral Fellows can come from any area in traditional humanities fields, and are selected based on their scholarly excellence as well as a demonstration of how their work bears on issues of social concern. Fellows are afforded office space in Ihlseng Cottage and support for ongoing research projects within the Penn State community. 

Public Humanities Postdoctoral Scholar

The Public Humanities Initiative seeks to highlight the importance of humanities scholarship for non-academic organizations and audiences, and includes the Public Humanities Fellowship program for undergraduate students to explore the many ways that public humanities work in the world, alongside of our HumIn Focus video series. The Public Humanities Postdoctoral Scholar, supported by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, plays an integral role in shaping and executing the many elements connected to this Initiative.