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Faculty Scholars in Residence

This program, jointly sponsored with the College of the Liberal Arts and the commonwealth campuses, provides up to eight faculty members per year with one semester of release time from teaching, and a $1,000 mini-grant for research expenses and/or materials.

Aesthetics of Displacement: Mexican Artists in the Modern Metropolis 1920-1950
Relational Ethics: On the Meaning of Vulnerability and Interdependence for Moral Life
The Yunnan Chronicles: A Field Guide to Yunnan’s Past
Internal Restrictions on Movement: A Reconsideration
Hermes Hispanus: Iberian Seekers of Ancient Wisdom in the Pre-Modern Mediterranean World
Seasonal Tastes: English Literary and Recipe Culture, 1550-1750
Dignity and Indignation from the Enlightenment to the Arab Spring
The Reel Story of the Euromaidan and Russia’s War against Ukraine