Headshot of Visiting Scholar Lionel Zevounou

Lionel Zevounou

Spring 2022

Lionel Zevounou is an Associate Professor of public Law at University of Paris Nanterre (CTAD, UMR 7074). His areas of research are Jurisprudence, Law and social sciences and Economic law.

Since 2018, he has been appointed for five years to the Institut universitaire de France.

He is now working on a research project that addresses the issue of race in French law through a 2018 ruling by the Paris Court of Appeals that compensated several Moroccan SNCF workers who had been systematically discriminated against.

Largely ignored by the legal discipline in France, the relationship between law and race nonetheless makes it possible to propose a complex approach to the ordinary republican narrative. Through this case study, I propose to shed light on the specificities of French racism by drawing a comparison with the work carried out on the subject in the United States. To do so, I propose both a social and historical reading of the construction of the legal regime that gave rise to the discrimination suffered by Moroccan workers.

My research work can be consulted via the following link: