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The Penn State Society for the Study of Religion (SSR) presents “Inca Spinning Techniques for Religious Textile Production”

A seminar with Kyle Marini, PhD Candidate of Art History

Date: Wednesday, November 29
Location: 102 Weaver Building
Time: 12:15–1:15 p.m EST.

This talk will discuss how contemporary Quechua sling-braiding informs Inca ritualized production of slings as key implements for imperial religious ceremony. Today, men exclusively braid slings of yarn they prepare on a handheld spindle without a whorl, a technique known as “/mismiy/” in the Quechua language. I compare today’s slings with early chronicles that outline their production using this technique by elite male initiates in an annual age-grade rite. My analysis illuminates how the Incas materialized and harnessed divine forces via regimented textile production.