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The Penn State Society for the Study of Religion (SSR) presents “Monks, Nuns, and Manuscripts: Crossing the English Channel in the Middle Ages”

A seminar with Kathryn Salzer, Associate Professor of History and Gorman-McCourtney Early Career Professor in Medieval History.

Date: Wednesday, September 27
Location: 102 Weaver Building
Time: 12:15–1:15 p.m EDT.

Historical studies of twelfth- and early thirteenth-century France and England often focus on the developments of, and interactions among, the Capetian and Angevin royal houses. Given the strengths of these royal houses at this time, as well as their participation in crusading efforts and their mutual struggles in regions like Normandy and Flanders, there clearly remains considerable history to examine. Yet, the trans-channel connections between France and England were much broader and deeper than those reflected in the royal houses, their armies, and the political dilemma that was Normandy. Monastic houses, especially those belonging to larger religious orders, had frequent and often continuous contact with each other across the region of Northern France and England.