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Previous Scholars in Residence

camila portrait
The Origins, Migrations, and Queer Imaginations of Global Women’s Comics Cultures
Sarah Carey
A Promise to Witness Faithfully: The Ethics of Complex Communication Across Incommensurable Differences in Lugones and Derrida
Eunice Toh
Black Cosmo-cologies: Rebirth and Renaissance in the Long Nineteenth Century
headshot of Sharlene
Fall 2023
Gambling History in Twentieth Century Shanghai, 1911-1965
Momanyi HI headshot
Testimony, Trauma, and Memory in Narratives of the Genocide Against the Tutsi
Michael Young
The Sophistic Gambit: Dale Carnegie at the Origins of Speech Communication
Aesthetics of Displacement: Mexican Artists in the Modern Metropolis 1920-1950
Relational Ethics: On the Meaning of Vulnerability and Interdependence for Moral Life
Atwill photos for Tibet story
The Yunnan Chronicles: A Field Guide to Yunnan’s Past
Desiree Lim
Internal Restrictions on Movement: A Reconsideration
Greg Clingham
Fall 2022/Spring 2023
Khalil Saucier
Fall 2022/Spring 2023
michael sawyer
Fall 2022/Spring 2023 – Just Transformations
Fall 2022/Spring 2023
New Faculty Orientation 2018, hosted by the Center for Teaching and Learning at Alumni Hall, Thursday, August 23, 2018. New Provost Ann Cudd and Chancellor Patrick Gallagher
Fall 2022/Spring 2023
Center & Institutes Humanities Dissertation Release Scholar – Partisans of the Soil: Land, Race, Capital, and Métis Dispossession
Ismael Quiñones
Undocumented Times: Rhetorics of a Colonial Moment
Christopher Thrasher
Against the American Confederacy: the American Revolution and the Native South
Powers of Fiction: Scholastic Novels and Forgotten Women in Third Republic France (1870 to 1914)
Juan Udaondo Alegre
Hermes Hispanus: Iberian Seekers of Ancient Wisdom in the Pre-Modern Mediterranean World
Seasonal Tastes: English Literary and Recipe Culture, 1550-1750
Burleigh Hendrickson
Dignity and Indignation from the Enlightenment to the Arab Spring
The Reel Story of the Euromaidan and Russia’s War against Ukraine
Emily Sterk_Headshot
(S)extractivism in the American Tropics: Sex Workers as Reproductive Laborers of National Identities, Sex Tourism, and the Global Marketplace
Speculative Formations: Queer and Trans Communities in the Long Twentieth Century
2022-05-10 10x8
Silicon Valley Stories: Reckonings, Recursions, and Infinite Loops
Headshot of Graduate Scholar Duncan Lien
Migrants of Germany Unite! Bilingualism, Realism, and Novel Collectivities in Turkish-German Literature
Headshot of Michael Young
Humanities Dissertation Release Scholar – Twentieth Century Sophistries: Popular Science, Human Manuals, and American Rhetorical History
Photo of Ben Schrier holding a sandwich.
A Theory of Palestinian American Literature
Headshot of Postdoctoral Scholar Belén Noroña.
Humanities in the World/Just Transformations Postdoctoral Scholars
Photo of Postdoctoral Scholar Rebekah McCallum.
Humanities in the World/Just Transformations Postdoctoral Scholar
Headshot of Postdoctoral Scholar Jesse A. Goldberg.
Humanities in the World Postdoctoral Scholar
Headshot of Postdoctoral Scholar Merle Eisenberg.
Humanities in the World Postdoctoral Scholar
Headshot of Graduate Katherine Ellis.
“We make the sick into men again:” Reconstructing the Masculinist Medical Model of Trauma in World War I France
Headshot of Graduate Ryan Pilcher.
Sensible Bodies: Race and Sentimentalism in Nineteenth-Century France
Headshot of Graduate Aaron Witcher.
Tourner autour du Mahagony: Marooning poetics of Martinican literature
Headshot of Graduate Paulina Rodriguez .
Deportistas! Mexican Women, Sporting Citizenship, and Belonging in Twentieth Century United States
Headshot of Graduate Eric Disbro.
Terraqueous Encounters: Queer and Trans Embodiment and Care in Francophone Literatures of the Indian Ocean and Oceania
Photo of Faculty Shuang Shen posing next to the Nittany Lion.
Cold War and Sinophone Literature at the Borders
Photo of Faculty Chang Tan posing for a photo in front of a building.
Fantastic Frames: Studio Photography of the ‘Global Chinas’
Photo of Faculty Jonathan Marks speaking on a stage.
Remaking the World in the Wake of COVID-19: Pandemic Ethics, Structural Injustice, and Social Change
Headshot of Faculty Christina Snyder.
Slavery after the Civil War: The Slow Death and Many Afterlives of Bondage
Headshot of Faculty Jacob Lee.
Empire Without Bounds: The Louisiana Purchase and the Transformation of the United States
Headshot of Amanda Scott.
Pilgrim, Pastor, Pauper, Spy: The Case of Pierre de Praxelier
Headshot of Faculty Martha Few.
The Rise and Spread of Postmortem Cesarean Operations for Fetal Baptism in the Spanish and Portuguese Empires
Ricardo Andrade Fernandez
The Sonorous City: Sounds and Itineraries of the Colonial Urbanscape in Latin American historical fiction
Jerome Clarke
Digital Colorline: Racializing Informatics and the Black Critique of Technology
Ancic Image
At the Limits of the Human Rights Regime: Perpetrator Perspectives in Contemporary Literatures and Visual Cultures
“Does Critical Theory Need Hope?”
Richard Anderson
Public Humanities Postdoctoral Scholar
Claire Heidenreich
Apparition and Abstraction: Maurice Denis’ Visionary Catholicism
Karly Etz
Skin Inscriptions: The Tattoo Medium in Contemporary Art
Liana Glew
Ravings: Reading, Writing, and Psychiatry in the American Asylum
Tiffany Tsantsoulas
Disorientation as Resistance: the world-making potential of a decolonial poetics of the human
Akash Belsare
Humanimal Narratives: Genre and Animality in Contemporary Ethnic Literatures
Theresa A. Cunningham
Scales of Seeing: Spatial Experience in Paris, 1849–1899
Kris Klotz
Reasonable Agonism: Discontent and Legitimacy in Liberal Democracies
Elizabeth Tuttle
“Activism for Others”: French Feminist and Anti-Imperialist Pamphletary Culture, 1914-1939
Mckenzie Eggers
Objects of Affection: Intimate Exchanges in Early Modern Literature
Laurin Goad Davis
Fighting for the Children: Architecture and the Student Body, 1904-1940
Andrew Jones
Narrating for-the-other: French and Francophone Cinema as Testimony of the Extreme
Yanan Qizhi
Dreams and Dream Interpretations in Early Modern Lutheran Communities
Jayme Peacock
“‘Corpus Erat’: Ophelia’s Lyric Flesh.”
Laura Almeida
Resisting Memory: Anti-Imperialist Tactics of Forgetting in Latin American Contemporary Art
Michael Hart
Up the Academy: Cambridge English Studies and the Makings of an Illiberal Education
Felix Rodriguez
Mapping Contested Identities in Dominican Art Education: A Critical History
Elizabeth Petersen
Donatello Architetto: On the Order of Architecture in the Work of Donatello
Janet Purdy
Beyond the Façade: The Messages Behind Carved Swahili Doors
Hyoun-A Joo
The clausal architecture in naturally acquired German by adult Korean native speakers
Noel Habashy
Local Community and University Perspectives of International Service Learning
Nicolai Volland
Le Monde Chinois: Literary Cosmopolitanism in Modern China
Anna Ziajka Stanton
Intimate Philologies: Translating Arabic Literature into English After Orientalism
Jessamyn R. Abel
Speeding Bullet: A Cultural History of the World’s Fastest Train
Krista Brune
Creative Transformations: Travels and Translations of Brazil in the Americas
Magalí Armillas-Tiseyra
Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow: The Aesthetics of Futurity in the Wake of Neoliberal Globalization
Matt Tierney
Perspective Prisms of Is: Afrofuturism as Americanism and Anti-Futurism
Emmanuel Bruno Jean-François
Oceanic Creolization and Multiethnic Islands. Imperial Dynamics, Ethnocultural Landscapes, and Postcolonial Connections
Lise Nelson
Affluence and the Production of Illegality
Tracy Rutler
Family Remains: Sexuality, Language, and Power in Eighteenth-Century French Literature
We Jung Yi
Diverging Memories: The Unfinished War and the Incomplete Work of Mourning in South Korean Culture
Ebony Coletu
Forms of Submission: Writing for Aid and Opportunity in America
Maureen Carr
After Apollo: Stravinsky’s Path Through the Models of Bach (1929–1965)
Eliyana Adler
Survival on the Periphery: Polish Jews in the Soviet Union during World War II
Michelle Rodino-Colocino
Making Media Work: A Cultural History of New Media and Labor Management in the US, 1910-2020
Lior B. Sternfeld
The Origins of Third-Worldism in the Middle East
Bradford Vivian
Witness the Children: Atrocity, Tragedy, and Child Victims in U.S. Public Memory
Aaren Pastor
Prophets in the Modernist Wilderness: Ways of Being and the Magic of Self-Transformation
Marie Paillard
Creolizing Explorations: Trajectories, Relation, and Decentering Imaginaries in Francophone Caribbean and Indian Ocean Fictions
Judith Sierra-Rivera
Vulnerable Males: Feminist and Sovereign Performances of Heterosexual Masculinity in the Caribbean
Jens-Uwe Guettel
Radical Democracy in Germany, 1871-1918
Janet Lyon
“‘Idiot Child on a Fire Escape’: Modernism and Disability”
Vieux Touré
Transnegritude: Black Identity Politics in African Francophone Literature of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries
Faculty Fall 2019: Litzy Galarza
American Jane?: An analysis of citizenship, gendered Latinidad, and the transnational in the telenovela adaptation Jane The Virgin.
Sean Weidman
Modernist Hospitalities: Modern Culture and the Politics of Welcoming
Adam Faircloth
Necro-Sovereign Shakespeare: Literary Sovereignty and the Haunting of English Political Thought