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Past Scholars in Residence

(S)extractivism in the American Tropics: Sex Workers as Reproductive Laborers of National Identities, Sex Tourism, and the Global Marketplace
Speculative Formations: Queer and Trans Communities in the Long Twentieth Century
Silicon Valley Stories: Reckonings, Recursions, and Infinite Loops
Migrants of Germany Unite! Bilingualism, Realism, and Novel Collectivities in Turkish-German Literature
Humanities Dissertation Release Scholar – Twentieth Century Sophistries: Popular Science, Human Manuals, and American Rhetorical History
A Theory of Palestinian American Literature
Humanities in the World Postdoctoral Scholar
Humanities in the World Postdoctoral Scholar
“We make the sick into men again:” Reconstructing the Masculinist Medical Model of Trauma in World War I France
Sensible Bodies: Race and Sentimentalism in Nineteenth-Century France
Tourner autour du Mahagony: Marooning poetics of Martinican literature
Deportistas! Mexican Women, Sporting Citizenship, and Belonging in Twentieth Century United States
Terraqueous Encounters: Queer and Trans Embodiment and Care in Francophone Literatures of the Indian Ocean and Oceania
Cold War and Sinophone Literature at the Borders
Fantastic Frames: Studio Photography of the ‘Global Chinas’
Remaking the World in the Wake of COVID-19: Pandemic Ethics, Structural Injustice, and Social Change
Slavery after the Civil War: The Slow Death and Many Afterlives of Bondage
Empire Without Bounds: The Louisiana Purchase and the Transformation of the United States
Pilgrim, Pastor, Pauper, Spy: The Case of Pierre de Praxelier
The Rise and Spread of Postmortem Cesarean Operations for Fetal Baptism in the Spanish and Portuguese Empires
The Sonorous City: Sounds and Itineraries of the Colonial Urbanscape in Latin American historical fiction
Digital Colorline: Racializing Informatics and the Black Critique of Technology
At the Limits of the Human Rights Regime: Perpetrator Perspectives in Contemporary Literatures and Visual Cultures
“Does Critical Theory Need Hope?”
Public Humanities Postdoctoral Scholar
Apparition and Abstraction: Maurice Denis’ Visionary Catholicism
Skin Inscriptions: The Tattoo Medium in Contemporary Art
Ravings: Reading, Writing, and Psychiatry in the American Asylum
Disorientation as Resistance: the world-making potential of a decolonial poetics of the human
Humanimal Narratives: Genre and Animality in Contemporary Ethnic Literatures
Scales of Seeing: Spatial Experience in Paris, 1849–1899
Reasonable Agonism: Discontent and Legitimacy in Liberal Democracies
“Activism for Others”: French Feminist and Anti-Imperialist Pamphletary Culture, 1914-1939
Objects of Affection: Intimate Exchanges in Early Modern Literature
Fighting for the Children: Architecture and the Student Body, 1904-1940
Narrating for-the-other: French and Francophone Cinema as Testimony of the Extreme
Dreams and Dream Interpretations in Early Modern Lutheran Communities
“‘Corpus Erat’: Ophelia’s Lyric Flesh.”
Resisting Memory: Anti-Imperialist Tactics of Forgetting in Latin American Contemporary Art
Up the Academy: Cambridge English Studies and the Makings of an Illiberal Education
Mapping Contested Identities in Dominican Art Education: A Critical History
Donatello Architetto: On the Order of Architecture in the Work of Donatello
Beyond the Façade: The Messages Behind Carved Swahili Doors
The clausal architecture in naturally acquired German by adult Korean native speakers
Local Community and University Perspectives of International Service Learning
Le Monde Chinois: Literary Cosmopolitanism in Modern China
Intimate Philologies: Translating Arabic Literature into English After Orientalism
Speeding Bullet: A Cultural History of the World’s Fastest Train
Creative Transformations: Travels and Translations of Brazil in the Americas
Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow: The Aesthetics of Futurity in the Wake of Neoliberal Globalization
Perspective Prisms of Is: Afrofuturism as Americanism and Anti-Futurism
Oceanic Creolization and Multiethnic Islands. Imperial Dynamics, Ethnocultural Landscapes, and Postcolonial Connections
Affluence and the Production of Illegality
Family Remains: Sexuality, Language, and Power in Eighteenth-Century French Literature
Diverging Memories: The Unfinished War and the Incomplete Work of Mourning in South Korean Culture
Forms of Submission: Writing for Aid and Opportunity in America
After Apollo: Stravinsky’s Path Through the Models of Bach (1929–1965)
Survival on the Periphery: Polish Jews in the Soviet Union during World War II
Making Media Work: A Cultural History of New Media and Labor Management in the US, 1910-2020
The Origins of Third-Worldism in the Middle East
Witness the Children: Atrocity, Tragedy, and Child Victims in U.S. Public Memory
Prophets in the Modernist Wilderness: Ways of Being and the Magic of Self-Transformation
Creolizing Explorations: Trajectories, Relation, and Decentering Imaginaries in Francophone Caribbean and Indian Ocean Fictions
Vulnerable Males: Feminist and Sovereign Performances of Heterosexual Masculinity in the Caribbean
Radical Democracy in Germany, 1871-1918
“‘Idiot Child on a Fire Escape’: Modernism and Disability”
Transnegritude: Black Identity Politics in African Francophone Literature of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries
American Jane?: An analysis of citizenship, gendered Latinidad, and the transnational in the telenovela adaptation Jane The Virgin.
Modernist Hospitalities: Modern Culture and the Politics of Welcoming
Necro-Sovereign Shakespeare: Literary Sovereignty and the Haunting of English Political Thought
Scholars on the Move: Islamic Knowledge Production in the Indian Ocean World
Black Girl Magic, Inc: Mass Media and the Business of Black Womanhood
Imitation’s Racialization in the Midst of Anglo-American Empire, 1865 – 1920
Unsettled Bodies: Staging Belonging in Contemporary Black French Arts and Literatures
Literary Encounters Across Turkey and the Soviet Union
Inherent Corruption: Curating Andean Mummies in the Anthropocene
Choosing to Run: A History of Gender and Sport in Kenya
Black Cicero: W. E. B. Du Bois, the Ancient Romans, and the Future of Classical Scholarship
Breaking the Silence: An Anthology of Liberian Literature
“Outraged people, it is our time to stand up” Slavery’s Influence upon the Guadeloupean Workers’ Movement, 1891-1914
Ends of Language in the Anthropocene: Narratives of Environmental Destruction in Turkish, Arabic, and Arab-Anglophone Speculative Fiction
An Ever-Bleeding Heart: Life Narratives in the Alsace-Lorraine Borderland, 1870-1920
The Politics of Attachment: Toward a Critical Theory of Affect
Ambient Technologies