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Society for the Study of Religion

Catherine Wanner, Daniel Falk

Catherine Wanner, Department of History
Daniel Falk, Department of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies

The Society for the Study of Religion (SSR) consists of faculty members from across the University who are interested in promoting the academic study of religion and infusing the study of religion into our teaching and research. The Society was formed in 2012, upon the dissolution of the Religious Studies program at Penn State, and aims to create a vibrant space in the university community for discussing the role of religious ideals, practices, institutions, and rituals from various world religions or spiritual traditions in human life, culture, and society. In 2020-21, the Society will continue to hold a variety of talks by faculty on their research, but due to COVID-19, these will be by ZOOM. For further information, please see our website ( or contact Daniel Falk ( or Catherine Wanner (