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Children's Literature Studies: Methodologies and Approaches

Maria Truglio, Jackie Reid-Walsh

Maria Truglio, Professor of Italian and Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Jackie Reid-WalshAssociate Professor of Education (Language & Literacy Education) and Women's Studies

Children’s Literature holds an ambivalent place in the various fields in which it finds institutional homes. It has been regarded with suspicion by those who study literature due to its allegedly unsophisticated target audience and openly didactic aims. At the same time, Children’s Literature is regarded as a “soft” humanities field by those trained in sociological and psychological methods. The Children’s Literature Studies Group draws on the diverse expertise of faculty and graduate students in the Liberal Arts, Education, and the Libraries in order to create productive multidisciplinary dialogue. Building on the range of both seminal and cutting-edge theoretical works we discussed in our inaugural year, in 2020-2021 we will focus on transnational children literatures and feminist approaches. In addition to our six meetings, we plan to host a small symposium in the Spring. Our forum will continue to enrich participants’ individual research projects and pedagogy.